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Program Advantages:

• Combining the Academic Fields of Information Management and Data  Science. 

• Dedicated to Developing International Information Management Professionals with:

☑️ Specialized Skills,
☑️ Practical Integration,
☑️ Innovative Thinking, 
☑️ Expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.


Transform the future, set sail on your dreams!



Welcome to the Information Management and Data Science program! 


A collaboration between Chung Hua University in Taiwan and UCI in the U.S. 

  • Master cutting-edge global technologies
  • Cultivate an innovative mindset
  • Excel in the fields of AI and Data Science.
  • Become a global citizen


Apply now to embrace a future full of endless possibilities! Take action now! Call (03)518-6523 or scan the QR code above for more details and start your journey to success!

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